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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday E-Blasts: Tips to give your e-greeting a personal touch

More companies are ditching paper mailings for the holidays, opting instead to send their warm wishes via email. Many digital advocates argue that this form of outreach is less expensive, less time-consuming and better for the environment. If you have yet to plan for your holiday mailing, you may want to consider sending an e-blast with your warm holiday wishes to colleagues and friends. If you’re an Amicus Creative client, you can even use our e-newsletter distribution system (built right into your Site Manager account) for your holiday outreach, reaching hundreds, or even thousands, of contacts in just a few minutes. Below you’ll find some helpful tips on creating an effective digital greeting that spreads holiday cheer to recipients.

Give It a Personal Touch
The most common reason that companies and individuals alike prefer to take the traditional card route is because they fear emails can appear impersonal. This is often the case but it has less to do with the medium of communication and more about the messaging inside. To ensure that your email has a personal touch, take some time to share a note about the individuals in your firm. What are some favorite holiday traditions? How will you be celebrating as a team? If you have photos, take time to include a few. Or if you’d rather steer clear of sharing details of your personal life, consider adding your favorite holiday recipe or a photo of your neighbor’s outrageously decorated house which features no less than 10,000 lights.

Include the Key Element of a Memorable Holiday Card
Holiday cards that tend to get noticed feature stunning graphics. Make sure that your e-holiday greeting also has attractive graphics that include your firm’s branding and a festive image(s). You may consider using a customized header graphic and a number of photos in the body of your message to maximize the visual appeal.

Add Your Signature
There are few things worse than receiving a holiday card in the mail that lacks a signature and simply includes the sender’s logo. This also holds true for personal greetings sent via email. Take time to scan in a high-quality signature and be sure to include this in your message.

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