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Law Firm Mobile Website Design/Development

Websites that aren't in compliance with mobile usability guidelines
are being penalized by search engines. Is your website mobile-friendly?

With nearly 4 in 10 users searching the web only on their smartphones in an average day, all law firms must have a website that can be easily accessed on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet. Omnizant is pleased to offer mobile website development for attorneys to ensure that they are effectively engaging all prospective clients.

The mobile websites that we develop contain all of the same information as the firm’s main site but the structure will be different allowing site visitors on a mobile device to more easily move around it. Just as with all of the main sites that we create, our mobile sites will be dynamic so any changes made through the Site Manager account will be instantly reflected on the mobile website. Firms won’t need a second domain name for the mobile site; in fact, we’ve developed a system that is smart enough to detect what device a site visitor is using and will load the correct version of the site that has been optimized for their device.

All of our mobile sites are optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices and boast the following benefits:

optimized for mobile viewing

Law Firm Mobile Website Design/DevelopmentOur mobile websites feature images that have been optimized for mobile viewing and are designed to fit the small screen. By replacing the heavier graphics of a standard website with these mobile-friendly images, we are able to reduce the loading time of the site across all mobile devices.


navigation designed for mobile devices

Law Firm Mobile Website Design/DevelopmentMost legal websites contain pages and pages of content which can make accessing them on a mobile device difficult. Omnizant's mobile websites are formatted so that users do not have to zoom in to read the valuable content and can navigate easily from page to page with just the touch of the thumb.


optimized for touch interfaces

Law Firm Mobile Website Design/DevelopmentIf you have a smartphone, you understand that the way you browse sites on your phone varies drastically from the way you surf the web on your PC. Our mobile website development team is filled with experts who understand the mobile device operator patterns and have created an intuitive platform to respond to their needs.


one touch contact and social sharing

Law Firm Mobile Website Design/DevelopmentThe ultimate goal of your firm’s website is to get people off of your site and into your office. Our mobile websites are designed to do just that. With a one touch contact button and easy share link, it has never been easier to convert website visitors into clients and share the word about the great services that your practice offers to clients.


optimized for the search engines

Law Firm Mobile Website Design/DevelopmentWhile search engines are not quick to offer insight into future algorithm changes, all have openly stated that mobile usability is of utmost importance. If your site isn’t “mobile-friendly”, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving top spots in the search engine result pages, severely limiting your firm’s online visibility. At Omnizant, our state of the art mobile websites comply with all mobile guidelines and are regularly updated to ensure they continue to meet the demands of your prospective clients (and the search engines) regardless of whether they’re accessing your site on a desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

Get started today to make sure your practice doesn’t miss out on a single opportunity to engage with new clients.

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