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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Instant Gratification for Website Visitors

Increasingly, with the rise of social media and technology, individuals are becoming more accustomed to real time results.  With most daily tasks, we can complete them immediately. Want to hear the weather? You don’t have to wait for the segment on the morning news, just head to the app on your phone. During your late night T.V. viewing, you see a commercial for an upcoming comedy show but the ticket office is closed; no problem, Ticketmaster online is open 24/7. We are increasingly becoming conditioned to expect instant gratification. The same is true of your website visitors. Are you providing real time value and ways to connect with your practice immediately?

Are you delivering the information they’re searching for?
Looking for an attorney can be a stressful process. Most individuals who turn to the web for assistance are looking for answers to their questions and to see how your firm can specifically help them through this difficult time. To ensure you’re providing instant gratification and effectively connecting with your visitors, you must include high-quality information on the visitor’s legal issues. You might consider including an overview of each of the practice areas you serve, have an outline of the legal process and answer some FAQs that you are often asked (e.g. how long will it take to file bankruptcy?). You should also list the very specific ways in which your firm can assist the visitor and make the process a bit less stressful.

Are you giving them a way to contact you?
In some cases, visitors may have heard about you from a referral source and may already know that they want to work with you. Or, if you’ve done a good job providing information, they may have made the decision while they’re on your site. To reach these visitors and provide that instant solution, you need to give them a way to contact your firm – this may just be in the form of a simple contact form, or a more advanced solution like an online consultation request, Click to Call technology or online chat. 

At Amicus Creative, we give attorneys a suite of professionally-written content and engaging tools that help them instantly connect with visitors. Contact us today to learn more about building a more effective website that helps you educate and engage prospective clients. 

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