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Intellectual Property Attorney Website Design

You work with inventors, entrepreneurs and business executives. Your clients are creative, brilliant and sophisticated. Your firm's website must be all of these things too, filled with smart content, stunning graphics and an effective call to action. At Zola Creative, we’ve helped countless intellectual property attorneys across the country develop powerful websites that resonate with their unique clients and increase visibility in their communities. If you’re looking to build a powerful online presence for your firm, we’ve got the expertise and tools to help you propel your practice.

Captivating Content

It’s not enough to have an attractive website. You need an effective website which serves as an informational hub for clients, colleagues and prospective clients. To help you create the ultimate online resource center which highlights your specialization and showcases your expertise, we offer content on various Intellectual Property matters, including:

  • Patents
  • Trade Secrets
  • Trademarks and Service Marks

All of this content, written by attorneys, can easily be edited by your firm. For firms who desire complete customization, we offer custom authoring services ensuring that all of the copy on your site is personalized to meet your specific needs.

Interactive Tools

Whether the goal of your website is to attract new clients or serve as an online storefront for referrals, you need interactive tools which allow you to connect with visitors. Our comprehensive online marketing system boasts a number of tools which foster engagement with visitors. These include:

Click to Call Technology
The less work site visitors have to do to contact your firm, the better. Our advanced Click-to-Call technology makes that first call even easier. A visitor simply enters their phone number on the site and a call is automatically configured between your office and the interested party.  Law firms who utilize this feature report a noticeable increase in the volume of calls received from their websites.

Online Consultation Request
Many visitors come to your website on weekends or during the evening hours when your office is closed. Do you have a way for them to schedule an intial consultation with your firm and ensure that you don’t miss out on any new business opportunities? Our online consultation request allows your firm to collect these leads around the clock. All submissions are emailed to the firm, and also stored in the Site Manager with advanced visitor tracking information, allowing you to follow-up with the visitor right away.

Special Reports Visitors

This Zola Creative feature allows firms to post white papers or informational articles for site visitors. Prior to viewing the entire report, prospects and clients must first enter in some basic contact details at which point the report becomes immediately accessible. This allows firms to follow up with all interested parties.

Event Management System
Do you hold community events for local business owners or aspiring inventors? Zola Creative’s valuable event management system allows you to post an unlimited number of seminars. The events may be posted by category allowing clients to easily find seminars that interest them. Visitors have the option to register for these events through your website. Once they have submitted their registration, your firm will receive email notification informing you of this new registration and the registered guest will also receive a confirmation email. By logging into your account, you can easily print registrant lists or export them to Microsoft Excel. To ensure that your website never gets outdated, the Site Manager will automatically remove seminars from your website once they have been held (though registration lists are always accessible via the Site Manager).


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