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Monday, May 18, 2015

Time to Say Cheese!

As we develop websites during the winter months, we often hear from clients who want to take photos of their staff and office buildings but, with the backdrop of bare trees and harsh weather, decide to wait for more favorable conditions. With warmer spring days here, it is the perfect time to schedule a shoot for your office with a local photographer. Here are a few things to consider:

Don’t be afraid to be original
The majority of legal websites include photos of attorneys at their desks or in front of a bookcase. While these backgrounds are the norm, they’re certainly not required (and arguably, not the most effective). As you plan your shoot, think of alternate locations. We’ve had clients send us photos from the beach, a local park or even ones taken in their homes, surrounded by loved ones. Provided they’re of professional quality, these can give your website a unique look and feel. Of course, you should check with your photographer to ensure the lighting and surroundings are photo-friendly.

Show off your space
If you have an attractive office space, you should ask your photographer to take some shots of the spaces you use for client meetings. While you may not have an idea of where these can be used in your website initially, we can help to brainstorm a few spots and get the images uploaded to your site. Photos of the outside of your building can also be helpful for first-time visitors who need to find your location, and are often placed on a contact page with directions.

Variety is good
Whenever possible, take a few shots of each individual (even in different outfits) in front of different backgrounds. On occasion, we’ve received photos that just didn’t work because the color scheme wasn’t ideal or the shadow from the natural light didn’t fall just right. This can be avoided by spicing things up during the shoot. A few options should also be available for the group shots.

Hire the right person
A photographer who mostly does landscapes might not be the best option for your shoot. When selecting your photographer, make sure he or she has portrait experience and will bring all necessary equipment to the shoot (camera, lighting, screen for backdrop, etc).

Even if you have photos, we highly recommend that you schedule a shoot every few years to get updated images of you and your team. 

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