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Monday, May 4, 2015

Marketing Lessons Relearned

As a digital marketing agency, it’s not often that we’re challenged with a marketing project that really pushes us outside our comfort zone. On a daily basis, we design great websites, implement killer SEO campaigns and make some mean logos, and while each project presents its own unique challenges, marketing basics and our unique experience allows us to bring real value, and peace of mind, to each one. Recently, however, we decided to create a radio campaign where we would highlight our services to professionals. Our own marketing team had never created a radio spot, and while it was undoubtedly challenging (and a bit scary), the project allowed us to step into our clients’ shoes and reminded us of the very same marketing lessons we often try to share with the attorneys we serve.  

We thought we’d share a few of these valuable lessons:

Make sure the investment makes sense
Before we decided on a radio ad, we identified our target audience and did our due diligence to ensure this was the right medium to reach them. As you can imagine, a pop station where most listeners are under 25 wouldn’t make sense for us. We needed a station where the listeners were professionals.  After all, even the best radio ad, or website, won’t help you attract new business if you’re prospective clients aren’t listening.

Come to the table prepared
We were lucky enough to work with a fantastic radio producer who had great experience and fantastic ideas, but we still had a role to play. We had to come to our meetings prepared. This meant knowledge of our audience, unique value proposition and preferences. This behind the scenes preparation before we even entered the first meeting helped to make the process a lot more efficient.

No one knows your clients better than you
While our radio producer was amazing in many ways, he didn’t have a ton of experience with attorneys but we do, and we know what resonates with them. It was a job to make sure we didn’t just leave it up to the expert but instead shared what we know to make sure the spots resonated with the audience we wanted to reach.

If you ask 12 different people their opinions, you’ll get 12 different answers
We often warn our clients about trying to reach a consensus during the design process, and this project further proved just how difficult it can be to reach an agreement among parties. Before making this investment, we performed quite a few focus groups with clients and friends of Amicus Creative. And for the most part, the responses were all over the place. Some attorneys loved certain ideas while others thought the same ideas were a bit too “over the top” or just didn’t appeal to them. At the end of the day, we had to go with our experience and our gut feeling to make the final decision.

Analytics are your friend
When you’re making an investment, you need to know whether or not you’re getting a return on it. When we ran our ad, we set up a dedicated website with call tracking and carefully monitored analytics. It was the only way we could adequately gauge our ad’s success.

Have a plan b
Sometimes you roll the dice with a unique web design or some interesting copy, and it just doesn’t yield the results you had hoped for. The same can be true of radio ads or television spots. It’s important that you always be willing to adjust and change directions. We wound up doing two different rounds of spots.

Give it time
We quickly learned that it can take some time to see results with a radio spot. After all, people have to hear your name a few times before they pay attention and take action. The same can be said for your website, it takes the search engines some time to visit your site and figure out what it’s all about, and for some prospective clients, they’ll make a few visits to your site before they actually pull the trigger. As we always remind our clients, we had to be patient during this process and stay the course.

If you’re just beginning the website development process or looking to revamp your web presence, it’s important that you remember these key lessons that apply to almost all marketing projects.

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