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Friday, April 18, 2014

Immigration Attorney Spotlight: David H. Jacobson


Immigration Attorney Spotlight
David H. Jacobson

Here at Amicus, the hardworking and compassionate attorneys that we work with always inspire us. We had the opportunity to speak with David Jacobson, an Immigration Attorney at the law firm Fuller and Fuller, LLP. Surrounded by the ever-present diversity of individuals while growing up in New York, David was inspired at a young age to pursue this area of law. As David gave us a full insight into his New York City law firm, we learned how dedicated he truly is to his work.

How long have you been practicing immigration law?
I have been practicing immigration law since early 1999.

Why did you go into immigration?
Growing up in Queens, New York I had the opportunity to interact with people of all ethnicities including many immigrants. This experience helped me to appreciate the positive nature of the American "melting pot" and the contributions immigrants make to our country and inspired me to subsequently assist them in their U.S. immigration efforts.

Tell us about the culture of your firm.
Like most immigration law firms we are a small legal practice, currently consisting of three attorneys as well as support staff. As such we have been able to foster a cohesive, family type of atmosphere where everyone works together to produce optimal results for our clients. This cooperative atmosphere is evidenced by the fact that in the twelve years I have been employed at this firm we have maintained an extremely low rate of turnover in our personnel.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?
One of the main reasons I have enjoyed working in this area of law is that in contrast to many other areas, the opportunities to truly make a positive difference in individual clients' lives on a daily basis are abundant. Indeed, it is very gratifying and rewarding to be given the opportunity to enable countless people to pursue and achieve their "American dream".

What do you think sets your firm apart from others?
As a small firm, we take pride in the personal care, responsiveness and attention we provide to our clients and their cases. We have often been told that the high level of personal interest in our clients' situations and our dedication to obtaining positive results for them distinguishes us from other firms they have dealt with.  

What have you found to be a valuable marketing tool for your firm?
The assistance Amicus Creative has provided us in revamping our website has already proven to be a valuable marketing tool. We have received a large amount of positive response due to our efforts working with Amicus Creative-both from our existing clients as well as new clients who have been positively influenced to contact us after viewing our new website.

What is a typical day like at your firm?
A typical day is spent advising present and potential clients regarding case strategy either through email, phone or occasionally personal consultations. Immigration law practice also involves a vast amount of paperwork in terms of completing various forms, as well as writing detailed presentations and legal arguments for our cases, which we file with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. The creation of effective case presentations will also sometimes necessitate legal research into obscure areas of the law.

With it being Immigration Awareness month, how do you educate members of your community about immigration issues in April and throughout the year?
I maintain constant contact with my clients regarding the changes and current events constantly occurring in the immigration law arena. A useful tool to aid in this process is the blog we maintain and constantly updating our website with the assistance of Amicus. 

Any words of advice for attorneys just starting out?
I would say the best advice is to find an area of law to practice that you genuinely feel comfortable and passionate about. In the long run I think that feeling, more than monetary reward, will be the deciding factor in the level of happiness you experience in your career.

Learn more about David’s work by checking out his law firm’s website or connecting with the firm on social media.

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