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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Benefit-Focused Is Your Website?

In developing and enhancing your law practice’s website, it’s always important to keep your ideal visitor in mind. Depending on your marketing goals, that visitor may be a prospective client, current client or referral source. As you develop your site, make a list of your visitors concerns, needs and questions. Then compile a list of the benefits that your firm offers that helps to address some of these issues. This list should not only be a description of how you’re different from competitors but how you can specifically speak to the emotions of your site visitor.

Benefits are important because they provide peace of mind and compel visitors to action. If you’re a personal injury attorney, your list of benefits may be that you’re experienced, you win a lot and you are compassionate. These are pretty standard, and while valuable they may not result in an instant connection. Now take a step back and get into the psyche of your clients. What questions or worries do they bring to that initial consultation? You probably often hear that they’re concerned with paying off medical bills before they receive compensation for their injuries. How can you address that concern? If your firm can assist in easing that worry, that is a huge benefit.

Every component of your attorney website should be benefit-focused. This should include:

  • Graphics
  • Call to Action
  • Content
  • Tagline
  • Contact-forms
  • Attorney profiles

If you need help identifying key benefits or creating a benefit-focused site that effectively resonates with visitors, contact our marketing team today.

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