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Thursday, July 23, 2015

“Coming Soon” Isn’t a Content Strategy

We often hear from attorneys who just want to “get something up” and rush to complete their, often overdue, website projects. In most of these cases, the firms in question don’t have much time to devote to the project and the end result is a website with a slew of pages with no content and a “coming soon” label. Of course, their intentions are always good, and while they plan to tackle this content down the road, this task is rarely accomplished in a timely fashion, if ever at all. If you find yourself tempted to launch your website with a coming soon label, consider the following:

Hire help
Many legal marketing companies provide authoring solutions for their clients. In fact, at Amicus Creative Media, we offer both custom content and a comprehensive library of stock content for all clients. While it may be ideal to have content written in house, it isn’t always a feasible option. By working with a full-service marketing company that offers content solutions, you can be sure that you won’t be left with an empty website that leaves visitors to question whether you are still in business.

Hide the empty pages
When it comes to developing a powerful web presence, everyone has to start somewhere. During your first web rendezvous, it’s important that you resist the temptation to launch a half-baked site loaded with empty pages. Instead, take time to identify a few core pages (home page, firm profile, contact page, etc) and devote a set amount of time to tackle content for each of these pages. Even a simple site with just a handful of pages will help your domain name gain some traction with the search engines At Amicus Creative, our Site Manager allows firms to “hide pages” but still access them on the backend, meaning your visitors (and the search engines) won’t be turned off by empty pages while you work to complete them over time.

Every little bit helps
Even a paragraph or two is better than a “coming soon” label. Far too often, attorneys assume they have to write six to eight paragraphs of copy for each site page. Of course, this isn’t true. Even if you don’t have the time to write a full overview of each of your practice areas, consider writing a brief statement of what you do and specifically outline how you can help clients. This minimalist approach is likely to sit better with prospective clients and referral sources than an incomplete page with a promise for future population.

At Amicus Creative Media, content isn’t an afterthought, it’s an integral part of the development process and we work closely with attorneys to help them craft effective content that engages visitors. Contact us today to learn more about our authoring services.

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