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Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Things You Can’t Afford Not to Include in Your Online Marketing Efforts

Ask most marketing experts what you need to do to build a powerful online presence for your firm, and you’re likely to get a long list of expensive, time-consuming to-dos. In this post, we narrow down the focus a bit, taking a closer look at five strategies you can’t afford not to do:

Create a Google+ Local Business Page for Your Practice
As the search engine’s social network Google+ continues to grow each month, you should take some time to create a Google+ Local Business Page for your firm. As part of this setup, be sure to upload graphics consistent with your firm’s branding, verify ownership, add information about your services and take time to add all of your contact information (including your web URL)! Once the page is up and running, add a link to it on your practice’s website and make it a point to post several updates each week. By having an active listing where contacts can engage with your firm, you will be taking a great step in maximizing visibility in local searches.

Have an Effective Call to Action on Your Firm’s Website
A website is only a powerful online marketing tool if it succeeds in turning website visitors into leads for your firm. Far too often attorneys focus on the graphics of the site rather than honing in on their sites’ call to action. To achieve better results in 2014, make sure you take time to identify exactly what you want site visitors to do (e.g. sign up for a free consultation, attend a free seminar at your office, subscribe to your e-newsletter) and then create a benefit-focused path that leads them to take that action.

Make Updates to Your Website. And Make Them Often.
A dynamic content strategy is a critical component of any successful website. At a minimum, try to post new content to your site each week. This may be in the form of a blog post, news article or even an announcement about a recent settlement that you obtained for a client. This will help with your site’s SEO and also encourage visitors to return to your site.

Setup & Review Your Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an excellent (and free) program which offers great insight into traffic statistics for your law firm’s website. The site tracks all traffic to your site, storing a wide array of information on referral sources, visitor information and content. Make sure that you have created an account for your practice and have configured your site for tracking. Once the tracking code has been installed, log in to check stats at least once per month so you can identify any changes in traffic patterns and adjust your site accordingly.

Claim Your Online Profiles
As an attorney, you likely have an AVVO profile, a profile with your local bar association and even a Yelp listing. Take time to identify what listings already exist on the web and, whenever possible, claim these listings and take a few minutes to add relevant information on your experience and services. In claiming them, you take greater control of your online presence.

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