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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing Smart Submissions™

In order to gauge whether or not your law firm’s website is truly effective, you must have insight into visitor behavior.  What are prospective clients doing when they come to your site? Does one page have a particularly high exit rate? Knowing this kind of valuable information can help you to identify problems within your site and make changes to improve your online marketing strategy.   Google Analytics is a free service which tracks activity on your site. We highly recommend that all law firms utilize this tool but as anyone who has ever used this service can attest, there is a lot of information to comprehend and for many, it can be overwhelming.  This is especially true when firms run multiple advertising campaigns at once and need to understand how many leads are generated for each. Using basic Google Analytics, this can be rather difficult to assess.  To address this issue and give our firms a more concise understanding of each prospective client contacting the firm online, we’re pleased to introduced our comprehensive contact inquiries.

In addition to the name, phone number, email address and message submitted through your firm’s site, our exclusive visitor insight service also includes the following details:

  • The referring site (This is the website sending visitors to your site. The referring site might be Google, Bing, a local accounting firm’s site or your local bar association listing.)
  • A list of all site pages viewed by the visitor
  • Information on how much time the visitor spent on the site before submitting the inquiry
  • Exact keywords used by the visitor (if they came to your site via search engine)

It’s important to note that in the past few months Google has started to withhold data on approximately 75% of searches performed within the search engine. While our Smart Submissions can’t provide detailed information about how these visitors arrived at your site, they provide your firm with great insight into visitor behavior so you can better assess the effectiveness of your site’s copy and call to action.  

Contact our knowledgeable team of marketing consultants to learn more about this great feature.

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