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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You Say Attorney, I Say Lawyer. Google Says Both.

When discussing content optimization with our clients, we’re often asked whether or not people tend to search by “lawyer” or “attorney”. Truth be told, internet users include both in their search queries. In an attempt to show up in all search results, we often find attorneys trying to include the different terms in a short page of content or even worse, in one sentence. This is largely unnecessary and can actually turn off site visitors.

Google and the other search engines are intelligent enough to recognize that lawyer and attorney are one in the same. So if you prefer the term “attorney”, it’s okay to use that throughout your content and guess what, you’ll still show up in local searches for a “lawyer.”

It is important to note that the search engines do not perceive “law firm” as a direct synonym so be sure to mention law firm in your copy from time to time.
As with all keywords, don’t go overboard stuffing the term into every sentence throughout the site but do place it strategically in some of your pages.

When drafting content for your site, don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on generating original quality information pertaining to your areas of practice because that will ultimately help you increase visibility with the search engines far more than including a list of synonyms. Don’t underestimate the capabilities of search engines and spend time worrying about the semantics; they’ve got it all figured out.

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