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Are you looking for an effective way to market your services to contacts?

If you’re like many attorneys you have a rolodex that would make the local Yellow Pages jealous but you don’t have the resources to consistently keep in touch with all of these contacts. Unfortunately, in losing touch with clients, colleagues and prospective clients, you’re missing out on many opportunities for repeat business and referrals.

Reach More Contacts In Less Time
At Zola Creative, we understand that your time for rainmaking activities is limited but you still want to make a great ongoing impression which is why we developed Insight in Motion, a comprehensive article library and e-newsletter distribution system which allows you to keep in touch with referral sources in less time than ever before.

Generate More Referrals Each Month
This potent top of mind marketing system allows you to securely store contact information for your clients and colleagues, giving you the option to create multiple mailing lists so you can separate them by affiliation, location or practice area. In just a few minutes, you can log into your account and select articles from the library to use in your e-newsletter. All of these professionally-written articles are fully editable so you can customize them as needed or add your own announcements to the e-blast. Once you’ve finalized the content, simply hit send and in a matter of minutes you’ve gotten your firm in front of all of your contacts.

Bold Branding to Ensure Your Firm Isn't Easily Forgotten
With a custom header design showcasing your firm’s branding, you can be certain that contacts will immediately recognize the value you deliver and keep you in mind when they have a need for legal assistance.

High Quality Content to Enhance Your Web Presence
Articles from the Insight in Motion library can also be used as blog posts, making your website an even greater resource for new and old clients, and enhancing your credibility among colleagues.

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