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Q: I currently have a website that looks nice but doesn't generate any business for my firm. Can my website be improved to attract new business if I switch to Amicus Creative?

We are passionate about creating websites that are not only works of art, but also effective marketing tools. All sites created by Amicus Creative emphasize both form and function. With a professional design, relevant content, user-friendly navigation and interactive tools, website visitors are more likely to become your firm’s clients.

 Even the most attractive website is not effective if internet users can’t find it, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of our website services. All websites designed and hosted by Amicus Creative Media use SEO techniques to enhance your site’s visibility so that potential clients are able to find your website and see all that your firm has to offer.

For attorneys and law firms who desire aggressive and comprehensive search optimization, we offer our exclusive Synergy™ Search Engine Optimization service. With this premium option, your firm will receive advanced content customization, strategic intra-site linking, annotated news section, off-site search optimization and much more.

If you’re uncertain as to whether your site can be improved, we invite you to take our free no-obligation, website assessment. Not to be confused with the “website graders” that many companies use as a sales tactic to show firms just how terrible your firm's site is, our website assessment is performed by a real live human, a member of our team. Carefully reviewing the site with an expert eye, we will assess the site’s graphics, content, call to action, and SEO. We will also closely examine the messaging to ensure that it effectively resonates with the target audience.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we will send you a a concise report with some key takeaways and suggestions for improvement. The report won’t be 40 pages long and include overwhelming explanations loaded with technical terms that you can’t understand. As with all services we provide, we believe in speaking plain English so you can actually take control of your online marketing strategies.

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Q. Do you have multiple website development options for law firms? How do I know what’s best for my firm?

We currently offer firms two different options: Custom Website Development and Starter Website Development.

The custom websites that we develop are 100% customized to meet any firm’s needs. There are no design constraints, limited number of revisions and we will create an unlimited number of pages for you. All firms, regardless of size, pay the same setup price for our Custom Website Development.

For solo practitioners or very small firms, with fewer than 3 attorneys, we offer our Starter Site package which was designed to meet the needs of “SmallLaw”. With our Starter Sites, firms select a design theme from our portfolio which predetermines the layout of the site (placement of graphics, menu, etc) but all of the imagery, color scheme, branding etc is still completely unique for the firm.

With both website development options, your firm will have a design consultation with your project manager and graphic designer, and will have unlimited access to our team of experts during the development process and long after the site is launched.

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Q: How long, on average, does it take to complete a website once I enroll with Amicus Creative?

In most cases, we can have a custom website designed and on the web within a month. Upon enrolling, a client relations representative will contact you to schedule a design consultation. During this call, we will discuss design ideas and your vision for your new website. Our talented design team will then prepare a fully functional draft website with design and content for you to review. If any changes to the design are necessary, we will revise the site accordingly. You are not limited to a set number of revisions during the design process, allowing us to create a website that will exceed your expectations.

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Q: Do you have any legal content that can be used on the site?

Yes, we have an expansive practice area library which contains information on most areas of law. Our legal team is always supplementing this collection allowing you to continually add quality content to your site with minimal work. All of this information is fully editable should you want to make it practice or state specific. As long as you are a client of Amicus Creative, you are free to use this content.

In addition to our practice area library, we’re pleased to offer clients additional content through Insight in Motion which features a comprehensive library with hundreds of articles on a wide array of practice areas and general interest topics. These articles can be used for blog posts or e-newsletters allowing you to develop an effective top of mind marketing campaign in less time than ever before.

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Q: What is included in the monthly maintenance/hosting fees?

The standard monthly hosting/maintenance fee includes:

  • Website/domain hosting (including renewal costs)
  • Email accounts for you and your staff
  • Full access to our exclusive Site Manager
  • Use of our content library
  • Basic search engine optimization

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Q: With my current website hosting company, every time I need to make a change to my website, I have to pay an additional fee and usually wait weeks for the change to be completed. What is the turnaround time with your company?

Should you require any textual changes to your website, simply contact us via phone or email and we will have the change made within 1 business day. There is never an additional fee for changes to your site’s content.

Furthermore, as an Amicus Creative client, you have access to the Site Manager which allows clients to log in to their control panel and make changes to their sites 24/7. This user-friendly tool allows our clients to add or edit virtually all content on their websites. Changing text on a page, posting a blog entry, sending out a newsletter to all of your clients, adding a new page to the site and posting an upcoming seminar are all easy to do and only take a few minutes.

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Q: Can I have Amicus Creative design my website but continue to have it hosted by another company?

To have the full functionality of our state of the art websites, we must host your website. Our platform offers a plethora of features including:

  • Site Manager
  • Attorney Blogging System
  • Click to Call Technology
  • Seminar Management System
  • Estate Tax Calculator
  • Debt Calculator
  • Integrated Newsletter System

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Q: I understand that Amicus Creative hosts the website, but who owns it?

You always own your domain even if we maintain it for you. You also own the custom design we create for your website. However, the advanced features and tools that Amicus Creative embeds in your website such as interactive forms, calculators and Site Manager are only available to active Amicus Creative clients.

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Q: Are there any hidden or cancellation fees for your sites? Is there an ongoing contract?

Absolutely not! Beyond the initial design setup fee and monthly maintenance and hosting fees, there are no additional costs. You're also not locked into a contract so we continue to work for your business, not just until you sign on the dotted line.

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Still have a question? Contact one of our knowledgeable marketing consultants who can address all of your concerns.



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